The Most Popular PPC Predictions This 2018

There are many articles that you can find about PPC these days, but how many of them can you trust? In this article, we will try to recap some of the things that we might be able to see later in 2018 regarding progress in PPC strategies. This article is a recap of the famous piece from the Search Engine Journal.

In the article, it was stated that this year had been a successful year for the Pay Per Click Professionals today. It may even be argued that the help being provided by Pay Per Click strategies are monumental in the growth of the business. One of these achievements in the work of PPC pros is the one from Google where it already funneled channels up to make sure that digital advertisers get their fair share.

This is also a year where there are so many changes in how Adwords is being attributed across the web. This is also a year where there are so many changes in how the Adwords is being budgeted daily, which prompts more like a little fear among the digital marketers today.

This is also the year when the Product Listing Ads for Google has been significantly changed. Product Listing Ads for Google Shopping have also been modified to accommodate other needs from PLAs and retailers. That said, there are now many changes and predictions in 2018 that will corroborate with what has recently been happening today in the PPC market.

1. Online To Offline Transition

There will now be more emphasis on transferring the leads from online to offline this coming 2018. This new conversion means that companies like Amazon will have more standing and opportunities to increase their sales. That said, Amazon right now is one of the biggest examples of the companies that can be a good measure of the success people can get with PPC.

It is even safe to safe to say that Amazon is the undisputed leader in online retail that has a lot to do with offline transactions. With Amazon as an example, more companies are opening up to dropshipping opportunities to make sure that there’s a lot of opportunities to be captured offline by these industries.

In fact, there are also many online stores today that want to go offline because of such trend. Right now, more than 140 online companies have now been trying to offer their products offline. One example of those is online printing giant VistaPrint, which is now trying to go for a brick and mortar strategy in their sales.

This trend nowadays is a result of the many changing demands and preferences of customers. The customer journey is always changing, and this fact forces businesses to adapt, innovate or stagnate. Local businesses understand that there’s still so much to be done in 2018 to make sure that the changes of the customers are often addressed.

2. Working Data For PPC

Sure, we have a lot of data today about how we can manage to take care of our operations. Business uses a lot of data for many PPC activities. But in 2018, more emphasis will be done on how data will make the PPC professionals’ lives easier.

The world of PPC professionals is hard as it is. With these changes, it’s now easier for small businesses to hit their target goals.


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